Method Acting Conservatory

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The conservatory takes place over nine (9) months. It teaches every participant how an actor must train their three instruments: inner life, physical body and imagination (subconscious). Throughout the conservatory actors are challenged to look within themselves to achieve rich, organic and believable performances that are real.
The acting programme is broken up into three (3) separate workshops:
Foundation (3 months) |  Intermediate (3 months)*  | Advanced (3 months)*

*The workshops are taught in three-month blocks, it is not required to commit to the entire nine-month program to take the Foundation Workshop. Students have the right to choose when and how they continue the programme.


The Foundation is specifically designed to enable actors to access their inner emotional lives as a means and tool for performance. Each class endeavors to help actors to begin the unlearning process of their socialization and conditioning. The programme challenges actors to be honest, open, naïve, vulnerable and sensitive. Building off of these paradigms the course teaches the necessary skills of concentration, relaxation and comfort enabling participants to deliver rich truthful performances. Once actors have fully developed these fundamental tools the course moves onto cover the first in a series of emotional triggers, Emotional Memory. Once actors possess an understanding of the inner life the programme introduces the tools of language; teaching actors how to deliver dialogue in an organic fashion. Following language actors begin scene work. At the end of the programme every participant will act in several scenes and a monologue at an Actor’s Showcase, which is performed at the studio.

*Contact Us for info on structure, fees and timings.


The Intermediate programme is carefully designed to enable participants to nurture and employ a process of introspection as a means of sharpening their Method Acting tools. The programme requires that each actor develop a genuine process and approach to his/her work and craft. The course specifically targets each participants inner life, physical instrument and imagination, providing participants with an intimate view of themselves and characters. The workshop sequentially teaches a variety of skills that enable the actor to fully experience their emotional centre, physical instrument, imagination, script and scene. Regular Scene work challenges actors to make bold choices that enhance performance, the scene and expands the actor’s range. The workshop centres upon building rich believable characters that arc throughout the entire script. Beginning with a series of Sense Memory exercises to Private Moments the course fully immerses actors in a personal journey that culminates with a richer understanding of self and character.

*The workshop is a three-month course. To enter the Intermediate Workshop students are required to have completed the Foundation Workshop


The Advanced Programme is designed for professional actors to further enhance their skills and apply the science of Method Acting to on-camera scenes and a staged production. The course builds off the premise that each participant has successfully completed JGS’s previous workshops and posses a firm grasp on the tools of Method Acting, Scene-Work and Character Building. Throughout the programme actors will have a variety of opportunities to sharpen their skills for performance and learn about the essential relationship they share with the writer and director: textual comprehension, language, narrative structure, script, camera, light, lensing, and editing. Week-in-and-week-out participants will read a selection of professional scripts, analysing and discussing them to gain a richer understanding of how they can better prepare characters and scene work. Actors will fully prepare a series of scenes for on-camera shoots. The course also covers improvisation as a Method Acting tool, enabling actors to better grasp their individual instrument and work in a fresh and active fashion. Movement and Sense Awareness skills are expanded upon allowing participants to truly inhabit the skin of the character. The programme culminates with a professional theatre production that will be performed to the paying public.

**The workshop is a three-month course. To enter the Advanced Workshop students are required to have completed the Intermediate Workshop. The Advanced Programme is an audition only programme. All applicants to this programme must have successfully received their Foundation and Intermediate Certificates from JGS.