How do I apply to Jeff Goldberg Studio?

Contact Us or send us a message directly at +91-7506906927 . You can also send us an e-mail at [email protected]

Who is the acting workshop for?

All professional actors and all new actors who aspire to pursue a career as a performing artist.

What if I have professional experience?

We welcome all actors with rich backgrounds who seek to improve upon their craft.

What workshops does the studio offer?

JGS offers a nine-month Method Acting programme. Over the nine months actors partake in three separate workshops.

1-3 Months: Foundation

4-6 Months: Intermediate

7-9 Months: Advanced

How much does the workshops cost?

We offer various payment plans which can be inquired directly through our e-mail – [email protected]. Alternatively you can contact us at +91-7506906927

How many times a week and for how long are the classes?

Classes are three to four times a week for three hours each. We believe that actors need time to go out on auditions, rehearsals and to build their careers. The workshops are designed to foster a professional atmosphere and we make sure that our actors have time to do just that. We also offer a series of practicals that each actor can attend to hone their craft.

What are Practical classes?

Weekly (Friday and Saturday) classes that explore different practical parts of the craft of acting.

Sense & Movement

English Scenes

English Monologues

Hindi Diction

Hindi Monologues

Hindi Scenes

Does the studio offer placements?

We realise, it is nearly impossible for any acting studio in the world to guarantee an actor that they will have a job. At JGS we make sure that we introduce our actors to the best casting directors and production companies in India. In addition we also have a casting page on which all of our actor’s profiles are uploaded. Our actors have maintained the reputation of being well trained, professional and qualified. Many of them have gone onto work on leading film, web-series, theatre and TVC productions

Does the studio produce it’s own films, plays, etc.?

Yes, we regularly produce short films, scene work and theatre along three tracks of production:

Advanced Classical Series: These productions are the culmination of our Diploma Programme, in which all students who are 9-month acting candidates will stage a professional production.

English Productions

Hindi Repertory

Who teaches the classes?

All of our classes are taught by our very professional and highly trained team of instructors. Jeff Goldberg leads the team himself and is involved in the teaching of every class along with his colleagues Ashok Pandey, Karan Pandit, Vishal Handa, Natasha D’Souza, the Youth Programme with Nick Pillow and Musical Theatre with Jan Graveson. All of our instructors have been trained by Jeff Goldberg.

What language are the courses taught in?

We teach in both Hindi and English mediums.

What if I do not have any experience?

All of our actors work together to achieve a series of foundation skills and tools so all are at a level footing when you commence with the course.

Do all actors begin in the Foundation Workshop?

Yes, every actor regardless of their previous experience begins in the Foundation Workshop. This enables each actor to develop the full set of skills and learn the professional techniques that we offer at the studio.

Where are the workshops held?

At our Studio’s location. 4th Floor, Links Building, Corner of 14th Road & Linking Road,Khar West, Mumbai 400052.

Can I pay in instalments?

Once you are accepted we are more than happy to work with a plan which allows you to pay the fees in a more flexible fashion.

Do I have sign-up for the nine-month programme immediately?

No, you can choose to enrol in the Foundation Workshop and leave at the end of the three months after completion. You can pick up where you left off any time you choose to return.

What if I want to repeat a course?

We encourage all actors to repeat the course as many times as they want to. We don’t charge any extra fees for attending the course again. Once you have paid for the course it is yours forever.

What if I want to take a term off?

Of course you can. You can come back and join the next batch. There is no time limit.

Who are Practical classes for?

To every member of the studio regardless of which three-month workshop they are taking.

Is there an additional cost for the Practical classes?

No, they are part of the student’s fees for the acting workshop.

What does being a member of the Jeff Goldberg Studio mean?

Once a student is accepted to the Foundation Workshop they become a lifetime member of the JGS. At the JGS we believe that being an actor’s and training is a life’s work, which is why we allow our members to come “home” to the studio anytime and work with us for free. This means that once you have finished your workshop you can come back and repeat the same workshop for no additional fee anytime you desire for any duration. Membership also enables members to partake in any and all activities that the studio conducts from screenings to productions.

Does the studio cast non-members for its productions?

No, all productions at the studio are cast amongst the existing members. To be considered for any production albeit, Professional or an Advanced Production a studio member must have successfully completed at least the first two certificate programmes; Foundation and Intermediate.

Does JG-Studio have an affiliation with any other acting studio?

No, JGS does not have an official affiliation with any other acting institute or acting school in the world. The studio’s programme and curriculum are 100% independent of any other institute. The Studio teaches it own brand of acting based upon the work of its members and faculty.

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“Jeffrey is not only knowledgeable about his craft but more importantly he is a working artist who is living inside his art. Furthermore, he loves people which is, in my estimation, a signal virtue of a great teacher.”


“Jeffrey Goldberg is an inspirational and passionate teacher. I genuinely enjoyed every minute of his classes, and the effect they’ve had on my writing is still clear several years later. I strongly encourage others to take his courses.”


“It was a great experience to train in Method acting at the Jeff Goldberg studio! Learnt some essential tools to the craft and gained confidence to approach characters in a systematic way that allowed for creative expression, but more importantly with honesty, borrowing from sense memory!”


“Acting is a lifestyle choice for me and I am so happy that there is a creative space, the Jeff Goldberg Studio, for budding actors in Mumbai where you can keep going back to and keep working on your craft and keep evolving as an actor, because that’s exactly what I believe in. Jeff has started this incredible culture, which helps so many aspiring actors explore their hidden talent of living in between action and cut both in front of the camera and on stage in this studio. I feel lucky that I’m a part of the Jeff Goldberg Studio Family. Thank you Jeffrey!”