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We are thrilled to announce our partnership with EduXLL Online Higher Education Academy to offer an array of online courses globally. EduXLL provides a unique blend of academic excellence and industry-focused curriculum across its diverse programs, catering to students and professionals worldwide. At EduXLL, learners benefit from the expertise of renowned professors from esteemed universities and business schools across the globe. Our flexible learning model, combined with the integration of live corporate projects, ensures a practical understanding of theoretical concepts. This approach empowers individuals to excel in their professional environments and prepares them to thrive in their respective careers.

Join us in this exciting journey to elevate your education and professional skills with EduXLL and The Jeff Goldberg Studio.

3 Months Online
Foundation Acting Program

  • Act in several scenes and a monologue (solo performance) at an ACTOR’S SHOWCASE
  • Access your inner emotional lives as a means and tool for performance.
  • Learn the skills of concentration, relaxation and comfort to deliver rich performances.
  • Build the actors character of being honest, open, innocent, vulnerable and sensitive.
  • Discover a series of emotional triggers and develop Emotional Memory.
  • Get introduced to the tools of language and learn how to deliver dialogue.
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3 Months Online
Screenplay Writing Program Films & OTT

  • Learn the basics and advanced techniques of screenplay structure to tell your story effectively.
  • Learn to develop characters with distinct personalities and motivations.
  • Grab the skill of writing naturalistic dialogues.
  • Modify your writing style to suit genres and tones.
  • Know industry-standard formatting guidelines.
  • Expert the tips and tricks on pitching scripts, networking with industry professionals.
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3 Months Online
Script Writing Program (Theatre & Films)

  • Develop the ability to write scripts with strong thematic elements.
  • Learn to write scripts with well-designed plots, richly described settings, and well-developed characters.
  • Enhance your capabilities in creating engaging challenges, barriers, and risks that bring out suspense and move the plot forward.
  • Enhance your capability to clearly convey visual and auditory aspects through written descriptions and dialogue.
  • Develop strong collaboration skills to effectively communicate ideas and incorporate feedback to bring scripts to life.
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1 Month
Performing Arts Immersion Program (Optional)

  • Participate in live performances to apply what you’ve learned.
  • Gain hands-on experience and refine your acting and writing techniques.
  • Experience diverse theatrical traditions and styles.
  • Work closely with peers, enhancing teamwork and communication.
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